Thai Progress Steel Company Limited (T.P.S)

Is an experienced manufacturer of high quality metal wire mesh that has been supplying Thailand and the neighboring region’s construction industry for over 15 years. T.P.S has gained reliance and excellent feedback from entrepreneurs, engineers, contracted builders, along to persons in the construction field. We are also certified from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and nqa ISO 9001 proving that our products meet the standards and can truly create value for customers.

In T.P.S’s manufacturing process, we use machinery, innovations, and technology from overseas for the highest work efficiency and to excellently manage systems. This way, our Company can produce many types and sizes of wire mesh that can perfectly respond to the demands of the market.

"Quality is our culture."


Because of our experience in the field, T.P.S can provide all round services for customers ranging from providing helpful consultations, professional advice, fast delivery, to handy after-sales services. Our intention to do everything at its best roots from T.P.S’s pride that our wire mesh will be your organization’s steady structure, strengthening the economy and society.

Our History

  • 2005

    Thai Progress Steel Company Limited (T.P.S) was officially founded with the goal to become a well-known manufacturer of high quality wire mesh with great services to meet the challenging construction industry demands of Thailand.
  • 2018

    Certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute with TIS 737-2549, 747-2531, 943-2533, and 194-2535.
  • 2019

    Accredited with nqa ISO 9001


"Thai Progress Steel Co., Ltd. has a vision to become the no.1 wire mesh manufacturer complete with quality products, excellent services, and integrity towards customers and partners."


Our mission is to deliver quality products and services that satisfy our customers. We plan to build credibility and exceed our customers expectations while developing our organization in terms of human resources, production, and sustainable quality.


T.P.S’s success originates from a combination of
knowledge, expertise, innovation, and technology


Thai Progress Steel Company Limited has a goal to be the leading wire mesh manufacturer and related services provider for construction businesses in the ASEAN region. To achieve so, we never stop improving our organization.

T.P.S is always aware that are products have a major role in strengthening structures of buildings, projects, roads, public utilities buildings, which eventually contribute to economy growth and the society. Therefore, we constantly update our manufacturing technology, import high performance machines from overseas, and develop our human resources skills. Once combined, we are able to design outstanding products to fortify your project’s structures as well as lessening time and work processes.

Look Beyond

Thai Progress Steel Co., Ltd. aims to develop all potentials of the Company, including service, production capacity, and staff to meet the market’s challenging demands. We look forwards to becoming the center of commerce and investment as our market is not only limited in Thailand, but also covers the CLMVT and the ASEAN region.