Operation Office

To completely fulfill our customers’ demands,

Thai Progress Steel Co., Ltd. designs our systems to fully serve customers; starting from listening to customer requests, offering professional advice, manufacturing, and delivering the finished goods locally and internationally. All steps are carried out by knowledgable staff with experience in the field.



(Preparing raw mat’ / Production line / Logistic)

Thai Progress Steel Co., Ltd.’s potent production line is one of the country’s strongest. From the beginning, we select raw material from reliable suppliers to enter our manufacturing line. By using modern techology and machines from overseas that are controlled by specialists, we produce and check the quality of our finished goods with strict standards to build a safe and strong foundation for our customers’ projects.



Thai Progress Steel Co., Ltd. is proud of our efficient logistics.

We store and manage our inventory in a systematic way and transport the goods in carefully selected vehicles that can protect and prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation. Delivery services are fast and secure. Customers can receive the orders on schedule, whether their projects are located in Thailand or overseas.